What can your data do for you?

We are a team of geospatial technology experts that excel in gathering technical requirements and deploying custom spatial centric solutions that unleash data’s potential in every industry.



We work with your company to dig into your data, gather requirements and define needs for your industry and operations.


Our team of geospatial data experts work to create a tailored solution to your specific need that seamlessly integrates with your current operations.


We deliver your data via the cloud, easily accessible and understandable by all levels of your organization. We then provide training in order to maximize value.


GIS is becoming essential to understanding what is happening and what will happen in geographic space. Once we understand, we can prescribe action.

  • Cost Savings for greater efficiency
  • Better Decision Making
  • Improved Communication
  • Greatly assist in understanding situations and in storytelling
  • Better Record Keeping

Previous Projects

point to poinT

For the past two years, Data Deploy built and improved upon a mapping solution to show real time availability for tailgating spots. The intuitive solution increased sales by over $40,000 and improved the purchase experience dramatically.


Leveraged drone technology to provide Cut and Fill calculations from photogrammetric models, generated milestone mapping mosaics and aerial photography content.


Utilized UAVs to model Winterthur Estate and provide aerial basemap imagery and elevation contours for a snapshot of the 1000-acre estate. This data was referenced in the capture of plant records for the Horticulture division. Contour maps were created and provided for facilities and maintenance personnel.